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Cabal 2 Source - Sky Gardens - Dungeon Guide

Sky Gardens - Dungeon Guide

This is my dungeon guide for the Sky Gardens dungeon. If you copy this guide please link back to the original source. Thank you.

You can enter this dungeon when you reach level 40. You can clear this dungeon 20 times daily. Recommended item level over 32.

On normal mode drops include Fine , Rare , Heroic items and refurbish kits. You can drop Gems and Pets too from the main boss. Mobs are likely to drop cores too.

The entry point of the dungeon is in the top-right corner of the Labyrinth Forest (level 30+) map. You can easily walk there from the third warp point or use a return stone to teleport to the entry.

After a cut-scene you will enter the first open area Welcome Song Spring. No mob kills are necessary, you must go upstairs on the left side. More advanced parties usually lure all the Garden Timran mobs together to kill them for XP and cores.

When you go upstairs you will enter a "U" shaped section. On both ends you will encounter a big tree (Burning Heart) and a pillar.

You must activate the pillars on each side to continue. Killing the trees is optional.

Each pillar activation spawns 3 Garden Fogos mobs, but it is not necessary to kill them to continue.

If you done it right the stairs will activate.

You can continue upstairs at the middle of this section.

Here you enter a square shaped area with a tree (Burning Heart) in the middle of it, killing it is optional. To continue you must kill the boss named Wicked Cabone.

Beware of the spawning mobs and the range attacking flowers. If you are in a weaker party kill them before you agro the boss. This boss usually drops one Rare grade item.

After you killed the boss the passageway opens behind it's spawning point and you can continue.

In this section the Terrace Fogos mobs drop an item called Ether Key which can be used to enter the Sky Throne section. Sometimes it won't drop, and there are times that it drops more then once.

To drop this item or enter this section is not necessary to finish this dungeon. Advanced parties usually don't care about this section because it's only reward is 3 Rare grade item per character.

You can continue to the elevator and go upstairs.

If you dropped the Ether Key you can stay in highlighted spot and right click it to unlock the Sky Throne section.

When you continue upstairs you can go right up to the top platform to spawn the boss.

Kill it and the mobs you agro'ed on the way.

Claim your 3 Rare grade items at the treasure box that spawns behind it.

Go back to the elevator and head to the right. In this section there are 5 trees that you must kill, but the order of the kills is important because the trees apply curses on the characters when you attack them.

The curses are:

  • Gardens Curse I: Reduces movements speed for 5 minutes
  • Gardens Curse II: Reduces defense for 5 minutes
  • Gardens Curse III: Reduces physical and magic attack for 5 minutes
  • Gardens Curse IV: Reduces healing power for 5 minutes

So the tree you kill last has it's curse on you for 5 minutes after you killed it. When you kill the tree in the far corner last, your negative effect will be healing power down, which is compared to the other effects is a real joy.

Here usually tank characters lure mobs into one big group, while other characters start to kill the trees in order. When you are ready to kill the mobs, lure them near a tree and kill them there to hit tree too.

When you done it right the message will appear the the door is unlocked.

Click on the door twice open it for real.

When you continue you will face tree like Garden Lumber Platiner mobs.

You can lure them and kill the first lure at middle of the stairway. If you lure them further they will respawn.

And upstairs lure the mobs there to the middle of the square platform. Usually they give nice XP and maybe some cores too.

When you killed them you can go upstairs with the elevator. Here you will face the boss Gatekeeper Barassmoon.

He can make your character go berserk. In berserk mode you cannot control you character movement or cast skills, you can only drink potions.

This boss has powerful melee attacks and it spawns explosive flowers around him, that will explode if you get near them and inflict quite a damage.

If you don't have enough DPS the boss can enter berserk mode too, so make sure you kill it fast. This boss usually drops one Rare grade item.

If you killed it you can go downstairs with the elevator or simply drop to the floor below. There is no falling damage in dungeons.

Enter the portal to continue to the next section, the Honorable Road.

After the cutscene you find yourself in a section that has a boss on the right side, and the passage to continue on the left side.

You must kill the boss to clear the passageway. Usually parties lure the boss and all the mobs together and kill them at once.

If you cleared the way you can enter the room that has a Watery Garden Guardian boss on each side.

You can lure them together or kill them separately, but you must kill at least one of them to remove the force field that locks this room on the left side.

After you killed them you can continue to the next section which is basically a straight passageway that has one pillar on each side.

You must activate these pillars in order to activate the Sky Bridge.

Here parties usually lure all mobs together and kill them at once, while other party members activate the pillars.

When you activate the pillars go to the middle of the passageway and enter the portal to activate the Sky Bridge.

In the next section you can see a block stairway in the middle and a boss named Gardener Ikume on left side. You must kill the boss that drops the item Gardener Ikume's Debris. With that you can unblock the stairway in the middle.

Beware that this boss has a lot of HP and spawns Fatal Spore Fogos mobs while you attack it. It can enter the berserk mode if you don't have enough DPS, so make sure you kill it fast.

Loot the Gardener Ikume's Debris and go to the tree thats blocking the stairs. Open you inventory and right click the item to activate it. The tree should disappear and you can continue upstairs.

You enter a small section that has mean range attacking plants. In the middle you can see a locked chest, and a plant will spawn over it.

If you kill that plant you can loot the chest and claim 3 Rare grade items. It is not necessary to kill any other plants here. However if you have their agro you can't loot the chest yourself.

There are two stairs on both sides that lead to the final section. On both sides you can find a boss.

Advanced parties lure all the mobs and both bosses together and kill them at once. Weaker parties can kill the mobs first, then finish the bosses one by one.

The bosses are both really mean. They have ranged spells with AOE effect and can hit really hard if you have a weaker defense.

Spells you can dodge if you see them casting on the ground. These bosses can go berserk to, so make sure that does not happen.

After you kill them another boss appears on the middle platform. It has powerful ranged and melee attacks.

Be sure to have your distance while you attack it, if you have low defense. He is a real wizard killer, because WI usually takes the agro on this one.

After you kill it a cut-scene triggers and the main boss Seramiss appears. Stronger parties can kill it with one BM. Weaker parties must do a little bit more tactics.

At first it has moderate ranged and melee attacks, but when it's health starts to drop the attacks get more dangerous. You should have enough DPS to kill it when you do BM at half of it's HP. Till then it starts to spawn it's blue colored clones, which are easy to kill but can do real damage to the poor soul they agro.

When you killed it you can claim your price. It's usually 2-3 items up to Heroic grade. If you are lucky a Pet or a powerful Gem can drop too.

To get the hang of it, we made an additional video on 4x speed to make this guide complete. You can watch it here.

Thank you for reading this guide. Seeya!

Please don't steal this guide. If you must do so please link back to this article. Thank you.


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