Did you know that in 2012 our site posted the 3rd Teaser of the game days before the official release?

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Official News About Cabal 2 CBT!

We waited for this news for a long time, and finally the official statement is here! The Closed Beta Testing of Cabal 2 will start in November!

After 4 years of development now it's time to begin the public testing of Cabal 2. Lucky Koreans who apply at cabal2.co.kr can win an opportunity to try, test and play the game before anyone else do. The winners will be chosen from the applicants for the CBT, and they will be announced on November the 1st. The winners can start to download the client right away!

Added information states that it will be a trial testing period - including 1000 testers - that will last only 3 days (from the 3rd to 5th of November).

You can find the original story translated to English here.

Our website recruits a reporter who can get us inside info about the Closed Beta Testing!

  • If you know English well
  • If you have a CBT account
  • If you want to make special reports for us

Then contact us here!





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    Omg. Finnaly! Can't wait!

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    thx for the info, keep up the great work :)

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    farkim tarzim