Did you know that in Cabal 2 you can zoom into first person view?

Cabal 2 Source - Nation War Videos from Cabal 2 KR

Nation War Videos from Cabal 2 KR

The US version is still a long way from proper nation wars, and won't include them at the start of the service. But it's nice to see how it could be in the following years.

Every Saturday the 3 nations of Cabal 2 fight for the domination in The Ramparts map. In this 2 hour period every nation has the chance to conquer points and be victorious. No level limitation here, so you can participate once you reached level 45 and can enter The Ramparts map.

The 3 winning bonuses are:

  1. 10% All attack up
  2. 10% Healing power up
  3. 10% HP/MP up

Check out more videos from the KR version on THeNuR's Youtube channel.