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Cabal 2 Source - Heavenly Citadel Guide

Heavenly Citadel Guide

Well, recent Korean patches took the 'accessory dungeon' type dungeons from us. So in the KR version basically everything can drop now, not just accessories. But for the sake of the NA version, where this dungeon is the highest level dungeon where accessories can drop, we will keep this guide old school.

The queen that the ancient emperor loved the most. For her, he prepared the most beautiful gift in the world. It was a place he could see his beautiful forest spread out before his eyes, the Heavenly Citadel. Shiraz, the fallen keeper of the Labyrinth Forest, was released from her seal and so the entrance has finally been opened.

Area Entry Conditions Recommended Party Members Dungeon Points
Labyrinth Forest Level 40 6 450-750 points

Dungeon Location

Heavenly Citadel Location

The Heavenly Citadel is located on the north side of the Emperor's Garden. Its difficulty is similar to that of the Sky Gardens. (Not in the NA version, where SG got buffed.) You can earn points for every room cleared. Since you don’t need to go through every room to complete the dungeon, you can play the dungeon in various ways. If you had enough skill to clear the Sky Gardens, you can try this dungeon with a small party. However, since the last boss is quite difficult, this dungeon can only be cleared by attacking in cooperation with each party member.

Besides of the main bosses there are only 4 rooms that you need to be careful in. The other rooms are pretty easy to beat.

  • Tree Hearth Amaryllis (the Wizard boss)
  • Icerain Violet (the Force Archer boss)
  • Sunfire Tree (the Tree boss)
  • Silver Tree Anshuriun (the Force Shielder boss)

Dungeon Map

The Heavenly Citadel’s layout

Boss Monster

When you enter the Heavenly Citadel, 1 of 3 boss monsters will randomly appear. Keep in mind that you can obtain a different series of accessories depending which of the bosses appeared.

Boss Monster Ironhide Black Rock
Ironhide Black Rock
Level 40
MAX HP 552,640
Max MP 552,640     
Drop Items
Heavenly Ring

Boss Monster Flame Drill
Flame Drill
Level 40
MAX HP 552,640
Max MP 552,640
Drop Items
Heavenly Bracelet

Boss Monster Lava Monarch Wing
Lava Monarch Wing
Level 40
MAX HP 552,640
Max MP 552,640
Drop Items
Heavenly Earrings

Quest Info

The following quests are related to the Heavenly Citadel Dungeon:

Level Quest Name Start NPC Previous Quest
40 (Party) Lost Paradise Above the Heavens Sewer Lagu
40 (Party) Blazing Red Crystal Affable Ian (Party) Lost Paradise Above the Heavens