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Cabal 2 Source - Hall of the Recluse - Dungeon Guide

Hall of the Recluse - Dungeon Guide

This is my dungeon guide for the Hall of the Recluse dungeon. If you copy this guide please link back to the original source. Thank you.

You can enter this dungeon when you reach level 27. On normal mode drops include Fine and Rare items and refurbish kits. Mobs are likely to drop cores too.

The entry point of the dungeon is in the middle of the Desertfort (level 20+) map. You can easily walk there from the second warp point or use a return stone to teleport to the entry.

After a cutscene you will pass a short cave section. You don't necessary need to kill the spiders to advance. You will enter the hall where you will face archers and melee fighters, in this first segment no mob kill is necessary.

There are two small rooms on both sides, each of them will have a pillar to activate. So go in the first room to the left and activate the first pillar.

Then advance in the main hallway and enter the room to the right and activate the second pillar. Now the door can be unlocked.

Click on the door twice to unlock it.

You will enter a great hall with two stairways leading up on the sides. This is the way where you must go, but first you need to activate the pillars around the center platform. All 6 of them.

Every pillar activation will spawn mobs on the top of the stairs, so be careful. Spawned mobs can run around the platform to seek agro for players.

Spawned mobs from pillars (from center to the right)

  • 1st 4 Swordsman
  • 2nd 2 Archers to the right, 1 Warrior to the left
  • 3rd 2 Swordsman
  • 4th 1 Archer, 1 Melee
  • 5th 1 Warrior
  • 6th 4 Archers

After activating all pillars and killing all the mobs you want, you can go upstairs. There will be switch on the top.

Activate it to access the center platform.

On the platform you will see another switch. With this you can open the doors to both sides and spawn the first form of the boss to the center platform.

After activating it you can go back outside to avoid agro. You can attack it and kill it, it will escape when its HP is no more.

Now go to the right, there will be a small room with the same boss in it. With a range character you can easily lure him out to avoid the mobs inside.

After you kill it and he escapes, go to the other direction, where you will meet this boss the last time. Kill it one final time and go back to the top of the stairs.

You will see that the door is open now, and there are mobs and a boss on the other side. With ranged skills you can lure the Force Archer boss out and avoid agro from the mobs inside.

Beware when you kill it, it has a very annoying poison damage that can hurt.

After you kill it you can take care of the mobs and activate the pillars inside to open the hidden hallway.

You will enter an area where there is a constant damage and destroyable barriers in the way. These crystal barriers have two segments, but destroying only one is enough to get through.

You will reach an underground water reservoir with platforms in the middle. There are two ways to get up to there.

You can jump on the moving platforms on the right side, or you can wait that someone from your party reaches the center platform and activates the left passage, where you can walk to the platform easily. If you fall in the water trying, you can escape the water on the left side.

When you advance, you will reach a strange and huge stone sculpture, it has a purpose, but we will take care of it later.

After countless mobs you will face the Force Shielder boss. He can stun, so be careful when killing it. When you are stunned you cant move or cast skills, only consume potions.

After you finished him, click twice on the door to open it.

Enter the main hall. At first you must kill mobs in the order they spawn to the hall.

Their spawn in order:

  • 2 Melee
  • 2 Archer, 1 Melee
  • 2 Melee
  • 2 Archer, 2 Wizard
  • 3 Melee
  • 2 Archer
  • 2 Melee, 2 Wizard

Kill the last mob spawn and the FB boss appears with two archers as support. You can kill of the archers without agro the Force Blader boss.

After killing the boss, pillars appear with each having their own mob as guardian. You must activate all of them to free the main boss of the dungeon.

You can't activate a switch when you are attacked, so you need to kill the mobs before. Luckily they don't have that much HP, they are only there to distract.

After the cutscene you can start to finish the main boss.

He has melee damage of course, but he has 3 special attacks too:

  • The main boss has a ripple attack damaging all characters near or far.
  • He has an area damage skill, the ground starts to have a black casting effect on it when he casts it, run out of this area as fast as you can. (can be dodged)
  • And he can cast a light cannon skill to far away targets and damages all characters in the way. (can be dodged)

After you kill him, the portal appears where you can leave the dungeon. But wait! There is more!

Go back in the dungeon and a cutscene will trigger, showing you that the sculpture from before turns into another boss.

He won't attack you until you go near or attack it. But if he do, he spawns a force field over the area and you can't leave it until you kill it. So be careful when you go in with party, leave nobody that you need for the kill outside.

He has melee damage of course, but beyond that he can:

  • Fire a light cannon attack.
  • Charge a lightning sword slash.
  • Or spawn pillars and damages nearby players in the area with lightning.

After you killed him the barrier drops and you can access the crate on the center platform.

That's it. Thank you for reading this guide. I encourage you to hint me if anything is incorrect in this guide and I will correct it accordingly.

Additionally I created a video from this dungeon in normal difficulty with double speed. Watch it below for more details.

Please don't steal this guide. If you must do so please link back to this article. Thank you.