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Cant start Cabal 2

Hi there!

I cant manage to start Cabal 2, cuz everytime i try to start it, i get this error message:

§$%&/()=§$%&/()=$%&/()=?§$%&/()=?`§$%&/()=? Direct X "§$%&/()§$%&/)="§$%&(/)=?§$%&/()=?§$%&/=?`§$%&/(=)?"§$%&/()?§$%&/=)?"§$%&/(=§$%&/(=)?"§$%=)?§$%&/()=?§$%&/()=

Its quite stupid. The only word i am able to read is "Direct X", thats all. So what to do now ? I reinstalled DirectX 9.0c, i checked the system requirements (my graphics card should match it - GeForce GT 430, 1 GB, Shader Model 5.0) and i reinstalled the whole game, including patching and it still says the same. Please help me^^

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