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Cabal 2 Memory Allocation Error Solution

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Instructions on Unlocking More Than 2GB Ram on Windows 7 32-bit (May Work on Windows 8)

By default, Windows 32-bit uses a maximum of 2GB RAM for any single application even if you unlocked 4GB. However, you can change that by editing the boot loader using bcdedit. This is a common fix that can also help to fix games such as The Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3 who may use more than 2GB of RAM at certain times. 1. Step

Open an elevated command prompt 2. Step

Enter the following command
bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 3072
3. Step

Reboot your PC. 4. Step

You can confirm this by entering bdedit again and checking all values. 5. Step

If you decide that this messes up your system RAM usage too much you can delete the option by entering:
bcdedit /deletevalue IncreaseUserVa
We haven’t tested it on Windows 8 32-bit, but it should work
If you run into any problems, you are welcome to ask us any questions below

Read more at: http://windows7themes.net/en-us/32-bit-use-bcdedit-set-increaseuserva-to-increase-ram-used-by-single-application/

If the methods do NOT work, try this:

Method 1 – Increase Virtual Memory

One reason you might be getting this error is if your virtual memory settings are very low. You can right-click on My Computer, go to the Advanced tab, and click on Settings under Performance.
Then click on the Advanced tab again under Performance Options and click the Change button underVirtual memory.

Read my previous article on how to optimize the page file size in order to set the value to the appropriate setting for your computer. Restart the computer and see if the problem goes away or not.

Method 2 – Uninstall Buggy Software

Another reason this may occur outside of possible hardware problems is if you have buggy software installed or visit a website that has buggy code.
If you’ve recently installed some program that is not Adobe, Microsoft, Google, or from some other big and reputable company, try to uninstall it and see what happens. A lot of times it can even be popular software that just has bugs in it.
Also, this referenced memory error happens in software programs related to firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware and the like. If you’re using something like that, try uninstalling and see if the problem goes away.
If you have anti-virus software or any type of real-time Internet traffic scanning software, make sure to disable it and see if the problem goes away. If a program is scanning web traffic, you can get the referenced memory error.

Method 3 – Update drivers and install latest patches

Depending on your hardware, you may be getting the error because you computer is not using the most up to date drivers.
The main thing to update here are video, hard drive, chipset and network drivers. Those are usually the main culprits for this type of error. It’s also a good idea to update the BIOS to the latest version.
Also, be sure to install all the latest Windows patches and service packs. There have been several times when the referenced memory errors were being caused by Windows and not anything else. Update Windows, Office, and any other program on your computer.

Method 4 – Perform a System Restore

Hopefully, if you’ve gotten this error just recently, you might be able to restore your computer to a previous state. You can get this error sometimes if your registry has become corrupted.
The registry can become corrupted by a buggy program (like mentioned above), but sometimes even after it is uninstalled, you’ll still get the error because the registry is still corrupted somewhere.
You can try to perform a system restore and hopefully get to a state before the program was installed. You can also try todownload and install a registry cleanerand see if that fixes the issue.

Method 5 – Run System File Checker

Another possible solution is to run the built-in system file checker program that comes with Windows. You can run it by going to Start, Run and typing in CMD. At the prompt, type the following command:

sfc /scannow

Then press Enter. It will scan all the Windows system files and replace any corrupted or deleted ones.

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