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How to acquire Battle Mode in Cabal 2

Complete the Helper From the Past quest group to acquire Battle Mode. The quest is available after Lv. 35 and starts with Hermit Tairang.

Level Quest Name Start NPC Previous Quest
35 A Real Strange Story Hermit Tairang Restored Talisman
Another Existence Between Us
35 Confident Witness Whispering Relic A Real Strange Story
35 I Can Hear Your Voice Starwing Confident Witness
35 Ear-Opening Medicine Grocer Phils Confident Witness
35 Identity of the Voice Starwing I Can Hear Your Voice
35 Labyrinth Forest’s Past Whispering Relic Identity of the Voice
35 Finding the Hidden Device Hermit Sentinel Guard Liu Labyrinth Forest’s Past
35 Finding a Hidden Mushroom Black Market Broker Yan Yingbra Finding the Hidden Device
35 Expedience of a Good Will Black Market Broker Yan Yingbra Finding a Hidden Mushroom
35 A New Device Hermit Sentinel Guard Min Expedience of a Good Will
35 Location of the Key Whispering Relic A New Device
35 Emperor's Library Starwing A New Device
35 Power of Guardianship (Force Shielder)
Power of Destruction (Warrior)
Power of Healing (Priest)
Power of Change (Wizard)
Power of Concentration (Force Archer)
Power of Domination (Force Blader)
Starwing A New Device
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