Did you know that in Cabal 2 you can zoom into first person view?

All costumes of Cabal 2

Original post on the official Cabal 2 forums is here.

Well, since I love costume, I might as well open a thread to list them all, and make demands for new ones. If you have better/higher quality of pictures (without watermarks), don't mind sharing.
Some pictures are cropped, it means I've done all I could to find them in full size online, but couldn't. If you happen to have them, please share them and I'll update this post in order to keep higher quality pictures of all costumes at all time.


Blizzard Riding Suit

Winter Crow

Gentleman & Gothic Baby

Wedding Costume

School Uniform

Skaild Costume

Secret Agent

Beach Party

Vampire Costume

Nurse Costume

Samurai Costume


Baseball Costume

Red Devil

Christmas Costume

Winter Costume

To be updated regularly as soon as new costumes are out, will also put price next to it as soon as I get to know them.

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