Did you know that in Cabal 2 Battle Mode you can retarget too? It is called 'reskill'.

New Nation War and the three nations of Cabal 2

The new PVP battle system is coming this July. It will have 3 nations to choose from and you can fight against a massive number of players with your nation on your side.

Will it be like the good old days of Cabal 1, 100 vs 100 maybe? That would be certainly nice. But in comparison to the now biggest battlefield 16 vs 16, we can hope for higher team numbers.

North-West Cartel

Eastern Rebels

Southern Cartel

Only level 45 players can join nations and the fight? Which side will you choose? Feel free to discuss.

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    Dawn replied on

    Go Rebels! Excited to see the battlefield in action. :)