Did you know that in Cabal 2 you can jump and swim?

Looking for english speaking guild on 에크스틸 server Cabal 2 KR

I'm looking for english speaking people or guild on the 에크스틸 server. I got a WI and an FS 20-30 lvl atm. I'm medium experienced, but a quick learner ;)

Write contact or char name to mail here.

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  1. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    I've sent you a mail. I've got some chars on this server. ;)

  2. nuker4ev3r's picture

    nuker4ev3r replied on

    any can make me one account for cabal kr pls i want to play :)) sry for my bad englisch :P add me my email : putenjeger@yahoo.de thx u :)

  3. CT's picture

    CT replied on

    I play on the other one :(

  4. thetrayler's picture

    thetrayler replied on

    My server is 라인멜트 (Line Melt) - I'm also looking clan too my nick is 오토만 r.ridvanselcuk@gmail.com please contact to me let me know anyone has a clan or not.

  5. NateNocturne's picture

    NateNocturne replied on

    The servers has merged recently. I am Volken, lvl 45 warrior from guild TheKingdom. There are a few english speakers there.