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cabal2 Guild recruitment

were recruiting a guild for cabal2 we have Skype, whatsapp messenger we will also be using online chat in game. like I said anyone out they that are willing to get with this organization you can message me at 1-264-581-8372 . they are about 6 of us that are active atm and patiently waiting for the game to release, so get to know your guild members . id like to name the guild Kurama or Kurama Throne but your suggestions are valid as well , so please contact me and we will link with the other members.

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    hatcha replied on

    I played mage fs and fb in the original cabal from open beta. Ill be trying the mage and fs class in cabal2 that's is after maxing crafting skills, lvl cap a, and enhancement in the best armor ingame for the mage class.i hope the game be as adventurious as the ingame video capture clips on youtube

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    fafajhenzo10 replied on

    Sir Help me for DL cabal 2 .

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    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    The first EN version of the game is about to launch. ;)