Did you know that in Cabal 2 Skills are bought as books from the Mentor NPC and then learned by right clicking?

Anyone playing?

I'm playing CABAL2 (KR) on this server here:

Is anyone else playing and would like to group up?
I'm a level 27 Warrior atm. It's a pain making group quests and finding dungeon parties when unable to understand korean.

my IGN is xDrac

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  1. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    Hmm, nice to see that more and more ENG speaking ppl are playing.

    I can add you if you like, but I quitted my WA on this server, and probably I will play my WI in the future.

  2. slavi's picture

    slavi replied on

    I am a FS lvl 40 Slavi (cap I for the L). I am in the guild Radiance.

  3. xDrac's picture

    xDrac replied on

    I added you, when are you mostly online?

  4. slavi's picture

    slavi replied on

    I usually play after work. My GMT is +2 What's your char name ?

  5. xDrac's picture

    xDrac replied on

    my IGN is xDrac

  6. slavi's picture

    slavi replied on

    That's great and all, but post usernames. How are we supposed to find you ?

  7. slavi's picture

    slavi replied on

    My IGN is in the second post, add me and xDrac too. And I don't have a FB (hate it).

  8. slavi's picture

    slavi replied on

    I am in a guild, but I can't seem to type your name in. Wisper me in game or come to ch1 Labyrint Forest.

  9. dks029's picture

    dks029 replied on

    how did you guys register in the game?? teach me please!!..

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    Aron replied on

    Currently, only people/person who has Korean friend or found Korean on the internet who accepted to help, can be registered.

    However, there are few sites which offers people to buy Cabal 2 KR account.

    After all, I would suggest you do not bother getting it. Cabal 2 SEA should be out soon. It might be easier to register there, but I'm not sure. Be patience.

  11. scharif's picture

    scharif replied on

    How do you have create an account i'm blocked cause of phone number, if someone is enough kind to say me how he've done :) contact me now !!!!!!!! xD
    I give you my mail send me your advice.

    Thanx to all who will help me to play with you, i hope :)

  12. karama's picture

    karama replied on

    iv played wizard in cabal1 and mage in aion and tera im a mage specialist. I specialize in the pvp section of the mage high dps and how to manu. hi all is they anyone that is planning on forming a guild as a group here. can we link on Skype.
    weather its f2p or p2p im playing. so I need friends. add me on Skype kinairo@skype.com

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    Svetlana replied on


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    Aliaz0o replied on

    Can Any1 make an account for me, pls. futureday_ok2810@yahoo.com

  15. jharhem24's picture

    jharhem24 replied on

    could you make me a account for cabal 2 KR please i want to play please..

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    hatcha replied on

    how is cabal2 ingame? I cant play until NA releases

  17. RickyWlaker's picture

    RickyWlaker replied on

    How you guys are playing? I really don't understand this, where I do the download?

  18. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    The game is out in Korea since 2011. So all active players now are on the KR server.