Did you know that in 2012 our site posted the 3rd Teaser of the game days before the official release?

Pomocy !

Głupia sprawa albo jestem slepy albo nie wiem jak i gdzie pobrac gre dajcie linka :)

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  1. kali069's picture

    kali069 replied on

    Mam podobny problem :P

  2. pross2's picture

    pross2 replied on

    Where i Download Game. Link Please :)

  3. Naia's picture

    Naia replied on

    There is only one working C2 server, and that is in Korea.There is NO english release yet..

  4. K0MIL's picture

    K0MIL replied on

    http://cabal2.co.kr/linker/CB2client masz tu linka na koreniśki server

  5. erispe0259's picture

    erispe0259 replied on

    why ..... no release CB2 client in PH ?????

    i want 2 play ...... -_-