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when cabal 2 come on europe server

when cabal2 will arrive at europe server? plz if some1 knows inform me

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    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    Well, no official info in this matter. So no publisher means that the EU release in 2013 is a very optimistic call.

    As from my point of view I think that potencial publishing companies want to see the ENG version of the game live, before they are ready to invest in it. So it's Asiasofts turn to make the ENG version happen in the SEA region this year, then we can speculate further.

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    slavi replied on

    Quitting before the update ?

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    djulai replied on

    No quitting because i have no time to play atm... =/

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    zade007 replied on

    i wanna play cabal 2..how to download his games plz help me give ur site gm?

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    osterr2 replied on

    How to install ?????

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    es2ci replied on

    hi good morning

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    hi ALL

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    Alexandre76200 replied on

    Cabal 2 is not out .. in 2014