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No item upgrade system???

Well yes, I got confused too.. No item upgrade system at all in Cabal 2.

So that means NO upgrade cores, NO enchanted cores, NO perfect cores and so on...

No "luck" or CC based OP chars with über +15 items. :)

Will this change in the future? Will they implement it in future updates? Ingame advantages in Item Shop are no so significant as in the previous sequel?

Feel free to discuss, anyone thoughts on this?

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  1. mattyxxx's picture

    mattyxxx replied on

    i am so happy no core's now everyone have the same wep :)

  2. Aron's picture

    Aron replied on

    Actually, I want upgrading system to be implemented in the future update. It was fun in Cabal 1, though I almost didn't quit it because of madness... Today, "color of the item" replaces Upgrade system, not really, but similar. You just can't upgrade.

    However, I would be appreciate if they make, not exactly, but similar to it Cabal 2 upgrade system.

  3. SPECIAL's picture

    SPECIAL replied on

    the upgrading system in Cabal (1) suck, the failure rate is HIGH :)

  4. felli's picture

    felli replied on

    cool so that every char will be equal :)