Did you know that in Cabal 2 you can use 'WASD' controls?

Anyone play Cabal 2 KR?

Hey im trying to find more people who play. Currently only know a few people playing on the same server as me looking to build a bigger community. We reside on 라인멜트 server let me know you ign here and ill be sure to add you thanks!

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  1. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    Always nice to see players who play on the KR version. Personally I play on the 에크스틸 server, so no luck there. Maybe I will start my next char on 라인멜트 ;)

    PS: Topic moved to Echtancia Chronicles :)

  2. kirihara's picture

    kirihara replied on

    I recently started playing cabal2
    ign is 앙리에타

  3. Aron's picture

    Aron replied on

    kirihara, because as you say, you recently started playing Cabal 2 in 앙리에타, I suggest you move to 라인멜트 server. As I know, 라인멜트 server has the most English speaking player.

  4. kirihara's picture

    kirihara replied on

    I'm not playing on "앙리에타" server cause it doesn't exist... it's my characters name =/
    The server I am playing on is "라인멜트" hence i replied to this topic

  5. Aron's picture

    Aron replied on

    Ou damn. I don't know exactly how they are called so it looked familar wih one of the servers. Sorry then.

  6. withdachris's picture

    withdachris replied on

    add me sometime i can't type korean in game right now :-/ dont have settings my ign is FilaSport

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    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    Any active players feeling creative to write guides for the Source? Just contact us ;)

  8. MeNotSanta's picture

    MeNotSanta replied on

    Is there like a way to get an account without paying someone to make you one?

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    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    You can try to make Korean friends, and maybe they help you for free.

  10. Zen0's picture

    Zen0 replied on

    In KR version got english speaking player? will they help?.. I really want to play this game but I can't read, speak or write in Korea.. get in KR server don't know what to do lol... any suggestion ? english version too long to wait ...zzzzz

  11. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    Quests are not difficult, but not many Koreans can speak English so if you are not a 'hardcore' fan wait for the ENG version to popup.

  12. Seniorul's picture

    Seniorul replied on

    Maybe it will sound like a noob question, but anybody can help me figure out how i can register on the cabal 2 korean site, i've got my fake KSSN and Name, but all i need is a mobile phone number as i see i need authentication ^^. Sorry for any trouble that i may have caused and thanks for your time

  13. warroslegion's picture

    warroslegion replied on

    Is anyone out there willing to help me out by creating one account for me please ? I've gone through my own ways and every search in every corner, in the end I failed. Even with KSSN, without KR phone number, I'm stuck. T^T... I want to join with you all. :( My email address is warroslegion@hotmail.com. Please feel free to drop by your helps. Thank You :)

  14. IceSemi's picture

    IceSemi replied on

    I really want to play Cabal 2 too :) If there is anyone who can help me with registration I'll be really appreciate.
    My email : semi1991@gmail.com
    Really thanks for any help :)

  15. nils holtz's picture

    nils holtz replied on

    i want play cabal 2 please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my email : nilsholtz@hotmail.com.ar
    i ll be waitin help thanks!!!

  16. prorok123's picture

    prorok123 replied on

    I really want to play cabal 2. Pls help me with register. This is my e-mail: shadowwalve@gmail.com

  17. Slawoo's picture

    Slawoo replied on

    Hey, I want to play Cabal 2, i play cabal 1 beta and a lot of time. Now i want to play cabal2. Please help me how to download cabal 2, and ho to create account. This is my email slawek1100@onet.eu

  18. ProfessorLava's picture

    ProfessorLava replied on

    hey man. Can you help me make an account on cabal 2 ?

  19. Biinz's picture

    Biinz replied on

    Hy guys.. can you help me .. i really want playing cabal 2.. but i don't understand download this program cabal 2.. who can help me, please ?
    Give me informatioan for download cabal 2 ..
    Thank you :)

  20. gurhanucar's picture

    gurhanucar replied on

    I recorded a video (how to delete character) who is playing on Korea Server - I write in turkish but you can still follow steps to delete your character and ask about it also