Did you know that in Cabal 2 you can separately increase your characters moving speed and cast/attack speed?

When the Cabal II may play in Venezuela

Por favor ayudenme orientenme a saber como o cuando podremos jugar cabal en Venezuela. / Please help orientenme to know how or when we play fair in Venezuela.

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  1. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    Sorry to tell you, but there is no known publisher in this region yet.

    But probably you will be able to play in the NA / Global version of the game. Dates about the NA or Global server are still unknown.

  2. JoseMendoza's picture

    JoseMendoza replied on

    is this is going to be a public sever.. all are able to play here im from venezuela too

  3. felli's picture

    felli replied on

    Dawn why is the pacth to start the is taking too long T_T
    it took me 1day and still not finish....