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global server

hi guy' i just wanna ask? how global server area set? i mean from user registry at close beta or other way?i saw at mmosite there' there got say kr server and global server.....(i am from sea) sorry me newbie and sorry for my bad englis xD

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    We don't believe that ESTSoft will publish Cabal 2 outside Korea. They will sell the publisher license and the publisher companies will set up their own servers. (just like they did it with Cabal Online)

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    oooo..ok tq for info...so mean is depand on the buyer,so which area got buyer 1st will 1st get it, is'it if im not wrong....

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    slashiron replied on

    can i play in kr server?

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    i think cabal2 will publish by estsoft just like ncsoft because cabal2 cost also high....i just feel it but not so sure xD

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    ola pessoal boa noite a todos sou brasieiro e ja estalei o cabal coreano no meu pc e ja criei minha conta no site + nao estou conseguindo logar no jogo por que ?
    o que tenho q fazer pra conciguir logar podem mi ajudar ou comseguir uma conta validar pra mim ?

    se for possivel agradeceria muito espero respostas ansiosamente e ja agradecendo muito obrigado.

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    Personal hello good evening everyone and brasieiro'm already clicked the Korean cabal on my pc and already created my account on the site +'m not getting logged in the game why?
    what they gotta do to conciguir log can help mi comseguir or validate an account for me?

    if possible would greatly appreciate it eagerly and hopefully answers already thanking thanks.

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    anselmoup replied on

    I await response via imail eduardo_up_essencia@hotmail.com