Did you know that the first english version of Cabal 2 is set to launch on July 2nd?

Mounts, Astral Board and Astral Bike

i wonder what would the astral vehicles in the game look like? maybe it's under development so that it would look cooler and somehow doesn't look like the old one to make it unique.

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  1. rock86's picture

    rock86 replied on

    maybe its will look more nice than cabal1 bike...xD

  2. VasilijZajcev's picture

    VasilijZajcev replied on

    yea . sure it does .

  3. rock86's picture

    rock86 replied on

    that pic u post is for cabal2 or cabal1...?

  4. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    The picture is Cabal 2 concept art, so we can hope for cool bikes and boards.

  5. rock86's picture

    rock86 replied on

    hahaha..yea hope so...more cool bike than cabal1 xD.....

  6. zohanphantom's picture

    zohanphantom replied on

    it'll be more cooler if the coming bikes from cabal2 will be having a wheels...^^ how's that?