Did you know that in Cabal 2 Skills are bought as books from the Mentor NPC and then learned by right clicking?

The New "Combo" System

Yes the new system is weird, and a 6 year old can master it too.

"Skills are classified into common skills and combo skills. Common skills can be cast directly upon targets. After common skills are released, the system will change common skills into combo skills. In this way, players can use multiple skills by hitting the same shortcut key."
Source: mmosite.com

I can only hope they bring some twist into this system in the future.

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  1. rock86's picture

    rock86 replied on

    well if they bring cabal1 combo system to cabal2' they can make cabal1 close from lose user...so i think they leave it at cabal1 so still alot player will play cabal1 even cabal2 are release already...

  2. Myrlith's picture

    Myrlith replied on

    Wow, they should really change the combo system, make it harder or something.The reason why i quit cabal 1 is because of combo, even a 6 years old kid can master it as Dawn said.Make it harder or just delete it!