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Battle Modes

It would be so damn great if in Cabal 2 will be BM 1,2,and 3:D
Of course they must be more creative,they can't use the same BMs like in Cabal.In fond,Cabal is not Cabal if BMs are missing.
Also,the Battle Aura and Combo Mode must not miss too.
What do you think?

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  1. MeniK's picture

    MeniK replied on

    Yea, BM3 would be so damn cool! And I rly love if cabal 2 wud have PvP system like in Cabal.

  2. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    I would miss the retarget "bug" very much, but we have to face the fact that this will be a brand new game, with new opportunities.

  3. VolteX's picture

    VolteX replied on

    Yea i hoped soo... :)
    Maybe there will be many more NEW features and others cool stuff too since cabal2 is a new game.... ;D

  4. Ladyluna's picture

    Ladyluna replied on

    im just hope they still have combo mode, cuz that skill really helpfull for me to go hunting.... and get pk by another player and of course really fast dps hahahhaha....

  5. Altayr's picture

    Altayr replied on

    I just want to add something about bm bug,and combo who made cabal what is now,how can u make someone to wait this game if we can play aion sry but this is the true cabal need (skills with special effects,combo and bettle mode bug to keep the player focused at the game )or we all can play aion wow and other 100 game who will be anything you u want but not cabal.

  6. KadaverSammler's picture

    KadaverSammler replied on

    pls the old cabal ! 2 years ago, was cabal so cool !