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Cabal 2 Source Cabal 2 English Tutorial

English Tutorial

Let's go over the mechanics of the game and learn the basics.

Please note that the following content was translated from the Korean version, so the final English version may be different.

Controls and Movement

Change Camera


Quest Items

Skill Books

Skill Usage

Characters Dead

Party Search


Move between worlds

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  1. FerolaS2's picture

    FerolaS2 replied on

    cabal 2 dowland link ??

  2. Dawn's picture

    Chief Editor
    Dawn replied on

    No download yet. What you are seeing is edited Cabal 2 KR content.

  3. Skalybuur's picture

    Skalybuur replied on

    im perfect cabal.

  4. Inpaseuth's picture

    Inpaseuth replied on

    Nice Tutorial ! Thumbs up !