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Complete Map Guide

Let' take a look on the maps of Cabal 2. The map design is similar to Cabal Online.

Lethe Island

(Level 1+)

The starting map for all the classes. You spawn near the Lethe Island Lighthouse and kill the first flying seahorses on the beach. Read and watch our Lethe Island Travel Guide here.

Frey Hilltown

(Level 10+)

The open hills and the narrow canyons of Frey Hilltown are a place of conflict between men. Defeat the rebels and beat the Lupers Excavation Site dungeon. Read and watch our Frey Hilltown Travel Guide here.


(Level 20+)

Explore the dunes and defeat the barbaric natives in Desertfort. Beat The Hall of the Recluse and don't get sand in you eye in the progress. Read and watch our Desertfort Travel Guide here.

Labyrinth Forest

(Level 30+)

Get your Battle Mode and have fun in the Heavenly Citadel and Sky Gardens dungeons!

Grey Canyon

(Level 40+)

Explore the snowy fields and honor the old gods in Grey Canyon.

The Ramparts

(Level 45+)

Fight against other nations and don't get burned in hot lava. Be the bravest and the strongest and lead you faction to victory!

Clana Island

(Crafting Map)

Last but not least the crafting map of the game. You can gather here the resources you marked for harvest and use the craft stations on the map.

You can travel between the maps in the following screen:

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