Did you know that in Cabal 2 you can combine runes into more powerful or even different ones?

I need a account from cabal2 KR

I need a korean player that could make me an account(Need to live in korea)..Please.I installed the game but i need an account.(does not matter-give me his account and I will make lv.
Do you know someone who can help me.
PS.Sorry for my bad translate

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  1. zelyanz69's picture

    zelyanz69 replied on

    Where Download Cabal 2..... :)

    Im play my game...

    Thnx :)

  2. alberto's picture

    alberto replied on

    muito bom esse jogo gostei mesmo

  3. webcicker's picture

    webcicker replied on

    There is direct link kr client - http://cabal2.co.kr/linker/CB2client
    Or old style download by site http://www.cabal2.co.kr/download/client

  4. JoferBR's picture

    JoferBR replied on

    Quero muito jogar esse cabal 2,porem nao consigo criar uma conta :(

  5. nanoman's picture

    nanoman replied on

    I really need an account pls help me :(

  6. somkritkkp@yahoo.com's picture

    somkritkkp@yahoo.com replied on

    i can bai