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Cabal 2 Source - Calamity of War Update

Calamity of War Update [US]

The first English server is about to get the "new" content update that adds more perspective to the game. Originally introduced in 2014 (as The Clash update), this content pack expands the game world with one PVP capable map and two new dungeons.

Choose your nation

You can choose your nation on level 45 in the entry quests of the Ramparts map. You can select from 3 nations detailed below.

New Dungeons

The famous Hetero Cave is translated to Heartscale Cave (for obvious reason) and it will be the hardest dungeon to beat in the game. Level requirement 50 of course and the entry point is on the Ramparts map.

And the arenas (fire, ice, thunder) are called Great Wall Citadels in the English version.

New Skills

The increase in the level cap will add new skills to each character.

And the new dungeons drop new and more powerful items. See images below.