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Cabal 2 US - Service is closing down

Cabal 2 US - Service is closing down

We know we have not been too active lately. As life moves on we moved on too from this game a while back. But this week an announcement have been made that seals the fate of the game.

"It has been a wonderful journey, but the road is coming to an end. It is with heavy hearts that we announce that CABAL 2 will be closing its doors in the months ahead."

So they will close the US servers this year and for now they removed the ability to refill eCoins from their website. Exact plans about the shutdown are not known yet.

"Unfortunately, CABAL 2 didn’t resonate with as many players as we had hoped, and its continued operation is no longer sustainable."

As for the Korean service, they seem to have a loyal playerbase. As far as we can see they haven't released any new major updates in Korea since June last year, so maybe this will be the end for the entire game, not just the US servers.

Read the official announcement here: Cabal 2 Important Announcement