Did you know that in 2012 our site posted the 3rd Teaser of the game days before the official release?

Cabal 2 Source - Cabal 2 US Launch Date Confirmed

Cabal 2 US Launch Date Confirmed

MMOSite.com announced a few minutes ago that ESTSoft confirmed that the launch date of the US version will be July 2nd!

Although the article on MMOSite.com has some flaws. They write that the OBT characters will be kept, but there was no OBT phase yet. CBT characters were lost as far as we know. So that's confusing.

No official statement regarding this yet, so we wait for the announcement on the official ESTSoft channels.


The official announcement has landed.

"This Open Beta will eventually transition to our launch, so there will be no keys required in order to jump in and begin conquering Ektensia!"