Did you know that in Cabal 2 EXP is calculated after the monster is dead, instead of per hit?

Cabal 2 Source - Cabal 2 US Founder's Pack

Cabal 2 US Founder's Pack

We are still several days away from the start of the Open Beta version of Cabal 2 US, and they introduced the Founder's Pack that gives special bonuses to players willing to give 20$ for it. [19.95& or 1995 eCoins]

What is included inside the Founder’s Pack?

  • Exclusive Mount - Black Ostrich
  • Exclusive Weapon Skin - Cherry Blossom
  • Exclusive In-Game & Forum Title - ‘Ektensia’s Founder’
  • 100x HP / MP Potion I
  • 10x Premium Revive Stone
  • 3-Day Head Start

So if you want to reserve your character names for sure, and want to stand out with a shining founder title, then this is your chance. The Founder’s Pack will be available for purchase from June 20 - 26th(PDT).

For more information visit the Cabal 2 Founder's Pack FAQ thread on the official forums of the game.

In this thread they speak about the IP blocks that effect the Cabal 2 US version:

Currently, we do have a restriction for users in China and certain parts of SEA. These include the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore. The restriction is in place because these regions will have their own CABAL2 service, which will follow ours shortly.


They uploaded a video where we can preview the skin and the mount.