Did you know that in Cabal 2 EXP is calculated after the monster is dead, instead of per hit?

Cabal 2 Source - Cabal 2 US - Challenge Mode and Rune System

Cabal 2 US - Challenge Mode and Rune System

It took a long time, but with the 2.1 patch more original KR content is restored and translated to the US server.

Challenge mode

Players can finish a challenge mode dungeon once a day and lvl45 is required to enter. Challenge mode has been enabled for the dungeons:

  • Lupurs Excavation Site
  • Hall of the Recluse
  • Heavenly Citadel
  • Calm Snowy Fields

Dungeon timer is added and it is extended each time players defeat enemy monsters and bosses within the dungeon.

Rune System

Runes are powerful artifacts that will passively increase the given stats as long as the rune remains equipped. Runes can be combined and upgraded.

CABAL 2 Challenge Mode!

Challenge Mode has arrived! Have you completed all four?

Posted by CABAL II on Wednesday, 25 November 2015