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Cabal 2 Source - Cabal 2 - History of Ektensia

Cabal 2 - History of Ektensia

The following text is not our fiction, it is the official backstory and history of the world of Cabal 2. Enjoy.

Ektensia, the land of possibility

People of Pioneer Days

Explorations to the ancient world brought great opportunities and wealth that the mainland could never have, at the cost of so many lives. People quickly adapted to the idea of sacrifice for the greater good. They began to see exploration teams as expendable. If the winner takes all, let it be in favor of ‘my people,’ they said, even though this meant the opposite to ‘the others.’

Groups with different backgrounds did come together for common goals, but such relationships only lasted as long as it was profitable. Allies meant as much as strangers to people. The only thing that made anyone take action was what was in it for them. It was a time of distrust. Slowly, people began o realize that they needed a greater cause. A cause that could actually bind people together and let them venture into the unknown world and seek fortune as a whole.

The Birth of Factions

The Aldrethia Investor’s Guild had existed before the other factions. It was an exclusive society of exploration teams that worked for aristocrats and royal families from the mainland. This was never really a real faction, however, but a political gathering where no one truly shared much. The first actual faction was the Ektensia Commerce Alliance, created by landowners and mercenaries who wanted to open an independent trade channel. Since their commercial activities used to be under control of the Aldrethia Investor’s Guild, the news caused a stir in what used to be an association of businessmen.

A meeting was called soon and that was when the Northwest Cartel was born. Members agreed that the new name better represented their extended leadership in the northwest region of Ektensia. The Ektensia Commerce Alliance did manage to secure their own trade route as planned, which allowed them to become the South Cartel later.

Rise of Heroes

The rivalry between the cartels brought two charismatic leaders to face each other: Lainfelt the head of the Northwest Cartel and Eksteel, who led the foundation of the South Cartel.

Aldrethia Investor’s Guild versus Ektensia Commerce Alliance

The Ektensia Commerce Alliance (Northwest Cartel) quickly became the true rival to Aldrethia Investor’s Guild, creating new tension amongst the privileged class.

Northwest Cartel, with Money

The Northwest Cartel is the biggest association of investors in Ektensia with strong connections to Aldrethian Aristocrats and royal power.Among its numerous affiliations, 6 major investment companies lead the rest. The name Northwest Cartel refers to the region where those companies have significant influence. In the early days, the Northwest Cartel was the first organization to systematically hire teams and manage exploration in the Ancient Land unlike many poorly planned operations, and quickly took charge of the biggest exploration project.

They were not the only business organization cross the old and new worlds, but most business setups depended on or were controlled by the Cartel. If someone discovered an ancient scroll and looked for specialists to decode the text, they probably belonged to the academy that was operated by the Cartel. Affiliating with Northwest Cartel was an attractive option because it meant organized management and all sorts of support. Most of all, the Cartel guaranteed good pay for hard work.

Rising Conflict

Even though the high officers were the privileged from the Mainland and the lower ranked, common class members had to face danger, they were willing to take their chance as it was the only established place to work. This did not last for very long, however, when most profit and acquired resources were sent back to the mainland. It was true that big investments from the mainland played an important rule in the development of thr Ancient Land, but the blood and deaths they had seen in the process led to rejection of the whole idea. As hard as they worked, there was always a glass ceiling for those people. All the management positions were promised to the young nobles. Those lordlings seldom visited the field because they preferred the comfort of the mainland to the harsh environment and the faces of injured workers.

50 years had passed and many of the second generation found the Ancient Land home, not the mainland. Eventually, a new independent organization was set to stand against the Aldrethia Investor’s Guild, proclaiming that “the wealth of Ektensia belongs to the people of Ektensia.”

South Cartel, with People

The conflict brought people together, from small lords who developed land in Ektensia, to intermediary merchants, to mercenary companies and locals for guarding and excavation work, to organize the Ektensia Commerce Alliance (South Cartel). Their strength was their knowledge and skills from decades of experience. The South Cartel grew quickly especially after securing their own trade channels. The Cartel gained influence over the East Harbor which extended to cities in the line of the Wall, hugging the Northwest Cartel region.

When the South Cartel turned out to be more than they initially thought, the Northwest Cartel declared that they would ‘fix’ the situation.

Intense Rivalry

The Northwest Cartel did not hesitate when it came to stopping South Cartel from expanding further, whether through a corner-hoard or bribing the key members. Their attempts only the motivated South Cartel to the point of considering taking over the Northwest Cartel’s trade routes. A faction that would do anything to protect their privileges and a new faction that dared to overpower them. The conflicts between the two rival cartels put all of Edia in great tension and chaos.

Integration of Force Research and Establishment of 6 Classes

Since the foundation of the Lainfelt Force Training School Megas, at least one academy was built in almost all cities for a single purpose - to outstand its rivals. Although Lainfelt’s research was a breakthrough in Force advancement, the original Force users were Mainlanders. They invented the whole system and their influence was not something to overlook. Over time, efforts to determine the most efficient Force management paid off and resulted in the development of 2 Force classes in the East Continent and 4 in the West Continent.

The classes based in the East Continent have not been officially recognized due to a conflict of interests and are not accessible by civilians at the moment. A small group of hermits continues to train students in a very limited conditions.

Restoration of Ancient Force Classes

Force users have been trained based on the 4 class models established in the West Continent, excluding the 2 classes of the East Continent. In 5959, the Ancient Land succeeded in developing their own system and announced two classes, Force Archer and Force Blader. The 6 classes are the result of continuous research efforts that began in several different academies on the Mainland. Now fully accomplished, Force classes help support people in the Ancient Land who do not wish to be swayed by the Cartels or any other nations. The Northwest Cartel claims that Lainfelt deserves credit, while South Cartel criticizes his research as ‘half-complete.’

End of 4th Reclamation

The true contributors to the completion of the Force class system were in fact devoted researchers throughout the continent and Force users who died during the early studies. There have not been any new academies in the Mainland as there are no creatures to test the impact and too many restrictions. The Ancient Land is now the base for Force user training. It is generally agreed that the 4th Reclamation Period is indeed over at this point.

The world was now about to enter the Cartel war era, the most intense, competitive time in history.