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Cabal 2 Source - Cabal 2 Radiant Legacy Update [KR]

Cabal 2 Radiant Legacy Update [KR]

Few months passed since a major update, so for Christmas we got a Cabal 2 present from ESTSoft: The Radiant Legacy Update. Let's see the details of this update that introduced a new level cap along with many new things.

Warning: The names and locations are translated from Korean and it can be different once the update is adopted by the English language servers.

New Map: Dead Sea Valley

Only level 50+ players can enter this new area. The map is desert themed and looks really nice.

Map Boss

Ana Shah Keuna
Ana Shah Keuna
level 55-56
Max MP -     
Items acquired Lv53, Lv55 Skillbooks

New Dungeon: Forest of Fatigue

Level 50+ players can enter this dungeon maximum 5 times a day. The entry point of this dungeon is in the new area called Dead Sea Valley.

The entry point is surrounded by lvl53 mobs, so newbie lvl50 players could have a hard time to enter. The dungeon drops items with item level 120 and rare items with item level 97.

There are multiple regions in the dungeon that can accessed using warp points.

Dungeon Boss

Iron wheels and fatigue of the flame

level 57
Max MP -
Items acquired -

Other changes

New Skills for all Classes

New level 50+ skills added for all classes. You can see the new skill videos in our media section: New Radiant Legacy Skill Videos

Cain's Tomb Challenge Mode

You can now do the lvl 45 Cain's Tomb dungeon in Challenge Mode. Level 50+ required.

Increased level cap: Level 60

You can now level up your character to level 60. Use the new map to face new challenging mobs.

New items

New weapons, armor and jewelry has been introduced to the game. They drop in the dungeon. See images of them below.


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