Did you know that in Cabal 2 Mana potions are not automatic?

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Cabal 2 - First Look

We are ready to take a first look on the features of Cabal 2. The following infos are based on the Korean CBT Guide, so little mistakes in the translation are possible.

When we want to play, the basic steps are like in any other MMO game. We have to register, confirm, download, install, update and login.


Login and character creation

When we installed the game, we can start it on clicking the shortcut icon on our desktop.




After clicking on it the launcher appears where we can update the game.





When we start the game we will get to the login screen.





After login we can select the server to play on.





We can select to continue a character or create a new one.






We will face a lot of customization options to make our character unique






User Interface

Let's take a look on the user interface.





  • 1. Character state, character level / HP / MP.
  • 2. Target state, selected target level / HP / MP.
  • 3. The name of the current map.
  • 4. Mini-map to determine your current location. Quests, NPC's and locations are highlighted.
  • 5. Chat window. Other player's conversation, system and combat messages are displayed here.
  • 6. Skill Bar.
  • 7. Experience Bar.
  • 8. Menu button.
  • 9. Quest Guide. Currently in progress / completed quests will be displayed here.



Let's see the ingame controls of Cabal 2.




  Explanation Shortcuts
Character Advance W, ↑
Recoil S, ↓
Character rotation (counterclockwise). A, ←
Character rotation (clockwise). D, →
Move left Q
Go right E
Jump SpaceBar
Auto-run Num Lock
Shortcuts Equipment and character information C
Friends O
Craft P
Skill K
Map M
Establishment and termination ESC
Inventory I
Quest L
Targeting monsters tap the key
Other features Screenshot PrintScreen
OPEN chat Enter




  Explanation Shortcuts
Mouse Move / target selection Left
(Inventory) to move the item The left mouse button (drag and drop)
Movement of the camera Right
(Inventory) items worn / used Right



Basic Combat

Let's see the basic combat features in the game.





  • 1. Character HP / MP (MP consumption when using the skill)
  • 2. Monster's HP / MP.
  • 3. Damage to the monster's HP is marked yellow.
  • 4. Character's HP damage is marked red.
  • 5. When killing monsters, experience is increased.
  • 6. Click to trigger a skill and see cooldown time.
  • 7. During the battle, system messages are printed here.
  • 8. Location map of the battle is now marked.
  • 9. Related quests with counter are displayed here.

Warp System

We can warp to other locations using the Warp Stones in each city.





  • 1. Use the Warp Stones to switch location.
  • 2. Warp to this location is not available.
  • 3. Warping to this area is available.








Collecting System

Crafting and collecting can be triggered ingame by right click.






Trading System

You can trigger trade from the context menu with the "Request Trade" button.





In each town NPC's will offer their services to players.






That's all for now.

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