Did you know that in Cabal 2 Mana potions are not automatic?

Cabal 2 Source - Cabal 2 Coming Soon!

Cabal 2 Coming Soon!

Cabal 2 is now featured on the estgames.com website. Could this mean that the release of the English version of Cabal 2 is nearer than we thought? We are excited to get some official info soon.


  1. j0ahz's picture

    j0ahz replied on

    Coming soon...Hmm...I hope its really coming

  2. M4RTINUS's picture

    M4RTINUS replied on

    We've been waiting a long time and still nothing happens.

  3. narkozis's picture

    narkozis replied on

    coming soon
    i cant belive it

  4. Gedincho's picture

    Gedincho replied on

    but some1 can say when its comes release, cuz everywhere answer is "soon"????

  5. xdanteaslanx's picture

    xdanteaslanx replied on

    Hey Guys You Need To Wait For This

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