Did you know that in Cabal 2 you can separately increase your characters moving speed and cast/attack speed?

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Cabal 2 - Clash Update

Now it's official. The new Cabal 2 content update will arrive to Korea on the 29th of July. It will introduce the new faction system, new combat zone, new dungeons and new challenges to higher level players.

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Division of Power

After a quest, players can choose between three factions. These factions will fight against each other in a special battlefield and gain bonuses for dominating their opponents. You can even learn special skills to get benefits from.

North-West Cartel

Eastern Rebels

Southern Cartel

The Notrh-West Cartel and the Southern Cartel will be the two big influental factions. And the Eastern Rebels will serve the role of the underdog.

North-West Cartel's Barrack

Forces of War

In the new combat zone players must fight other characters and monsters to secure important resources. Only characters that belong to a faction can enter this map.

Just like in the previous sequel of the game, every week a faction can secure a bonus for the next week period. There are rumors of boss battles and region control battles too, so many things to get excited for.

Foreground of the Barrier Region

Entrance of Chaos

New dungeon in the new Barrier region called 'Den of Hetero'(?). Defeat these powerful Heterocyclic bosses, the rare item drop will be worth the risk. Recommended for a party of six players.

Heterocyclic bosses (before transformation)

Heterocyclic bosses (after transformation)

Den of Hetero


You can enter three kinds of arenas in the new Barrier zone. The Ice Arena, Fire Arena and the Black Hole Arena. Each have different bosses to kill and rewards to gain.

Arena Foreground

New Skills

Every character (except the Priest) gains two new skills to compete with the new challenges. We are excited to see them in action.

Wizard's new skill

New equipment, weapons and craft scrolls

No options and levels specified yet. But gosh, they look amazing! See the pictures below!


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